Combed Yarn

Egyptian cotton is considered the best cotton in the world which allows producing the finest combed yarn counts. This yarn meets our customers' requirements as with our Giza 86, Giza 88 and Giza 87 ranging from count Ne 20 up to Ne 130. A yarn that could achieve high productivity and perfect finished fabrics.

Using spinning system RIETER G30 and G33 accompanied by long cotton fibers Giza 86, 87 and 88, we definitely guarantee the consistent of dying process and allow process sequent production batches with no shade differences. The high fiber strength and fineness allow having the best fabric appearance and a wonderful handle.

Count range: Ne 20 up to Ne 130.
Spinning systems: RIETER G30 and G33.
Raw material: Giza 86, 88 and 87.

    Typical Applications

  • High grade color woven fabrics for shirts and blouses.
  • Precious t-shirts and golf shirts.
  • High quality bed linen.
  • High quality terry towels.

    Quality parameters

    Thanks to our staff who are expert in cotton spinning mills we follow up our customers orders from bales till the packing. We knew how to set spinning Kitchen mill (blow room and carding) to achieve contentious quality parameters as agreed. We check the number of ff and pp to achieve the grantee numbers in the end production. To find the quality of our yarn please click Here

Compact Yarn

Using the leading Egyptian cotton Giza 86 and 88 worldwide, and thanks to RIETER compact systems K44 and K45 we achieve high strength, low hairiness and get the optimum yarn structure. Supporting the development of innovation materials and enhancing your limits regarding handle and appearance.

Count range: Ne 20 up to Ne 180.
Spinning systems : RIETER K44 and K45.
Raw material : Giza 86, 88, 87 and 77.

    Typical Applications

  • Ultimate quality in color-woven fabrics for shirts.
  • High density woven fabrics from fine counts yarn bed linen.

    Quality parameters

    Egyptian cotton compact is distinguished by
  • Perfect yarn structure.
  • High tenacity and elongation.
  • Low fly lint.
  • Highest productivity with requested quality parameters.
  • Stable dying characteristics.
  • Guarantee ff and pp numbers in finished end cone by our experts who follow the orders in spinning mill.
  • To find the quality of our yarn please click Here